Vitamin C Injection

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Vitamin C Injection, 3500 mg/5ml, 500mg/2ml
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Vitamin C Injection
500 mg/5ml, 500mg/2ml
This product is a colorless to slightly yellow clear liquid.
It is used for the treatment of scurvy, and can also be used for the adjuvant treatment of various acute and chronic infectious diseases and purpura.
Treatment of chronic iron poisoning: Vitamin C promotes iron chelation by deferoxamine and accelerates iron excretion.
Treatment of idiopathic methemoglobinemia.
The following conditions increase the need for vitamin C:
(1) Patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis, gastrointestinal diseases (long-term diarrhea, gastric or ileal resection), tuberculosis, cancer, ulcer disease, hyperthyroidism, fever, infection, Trauma, burns, surgery, etc.;
(2) patients receiving parenteral nutrition due to strict control or choice of diet, due to malnutrition, sudden weight loss, and during pregnancy and lactation;
(3) application of barbiturates and tetracyclines Class, salicylic acid, or vitamin C as a urinary system acidifier.
Package Form
10 ampoules per box.
Storage Conditions
Protect from light and keep in the shade (no more than 20ºC).
Shelf Life
2 years
Marketing Status
Approved in China
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